The aging process can be improved with good dental health

Good dental health for people living in Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome was very difficult to come by.


They had problems with their teeth wearing right down to the gum line.

It’s thought the main reason for this was the milling stones leaving grit in the bread.

There was no routine dentistry in those days to help such a condition and the pain from the exposed nerves must have been unbearable.

These days we have modern dentistry to solve most of our teeth problems. Nevertheless, even with bread free of grit, aging brings dental troubles.

Refined sugar was not readily available to the ancients but has become one of the major problems for tooth decay in modern man.

Teeth with multiple fillings lose strength and a crown is often a preferred solution. The crown spreads the chewing loads over the existing tooth base and roots.

If fillings have made the tooth too weak, or there are vertical cracks, the only recourse may be an extraction.

Plaque, a problem common to both the ancients and modern man, is caused by improper cleaning of the teeth. It leads to another major concern; gum disease, which can loosen teeth and let harmful bacteria into the blood stream.

So what to do? Dentists commonly recommend a maintenance and repair program of fillings and gum treatment followed by longer term solutions such as crowns, bridges and implants.

If you have an opportunity to get work done in the United States, especially when the Canadian dollar is close to parity, the work will likely cost less than in Canada. Mexico is even cheaper.

I was considering getting some implants and crowns done in Mexico whilst spending three and a half months in the Phoenix area.

I had heard of people receiving excellent treatment in Mexico and most dentists there have excellent training. However, there may be difficult legal problems if something goes wrong, especially with the more invasive procedures such as implants

I finally chose to get the work done in Sun City, Arizona in the greater Phoenix area and I estimate it cost me less than half of what I was quoted in Canada.

Good dental health helps overall good health. A strong bite and efficient chewing helps in enjoying food more and in good nutrition. Of course, a nice smile is an added bonus too.