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Retirement is one of the least understood of human experiences. Until recent times, it didn't last a long time because the average lifespan did not extend far beyond age 65. Unlike politics, education, medicine, business or religion there are no road maps or established standards to guide us.


At present, average longevity has increased some 15 years beyond that of the 1950's; in part because of advancements in modern medical science, increase in general prosperity and ready access to information via the internet.  

Baby boomers are nearing retirement. The oldest ones, born in 1946, turned 65 in 2011. The greatest number of them will be turning 65 in 2020. It's expected that they will change the meaning of retirement completely.

People will start to spend more time in retirement than they did in their chosen careers and for many, over a third of their lives will be spent in retirement .

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