In retirement, financial planning and lifestyle planning are two sides of the same coin

Lucette has been in the financial planning business for thirty three years.


She comes from Geraldton, the 'friendliest little town' in Northern Ontario and is fluent in French and English. After a couple of years in Australia where she met Nick, they moved to London, England and started a family before moving to Alberta, Canada which has been home ever since.

Retirement planning is now her main focus and her special interest is ‘The Pay-Check in Retirement'. She holds her CFP and RFP designations.

She realized that retirement planning wasn’t only about the numbers. Lifestyle issues have a huge impact on determining what income is necessary in retirement. Because of the large subject matter surrounding lifestyles, Lucette asked Nick to do research.


Nick hails from Yorkshire in the North of England. He has worked as a Civil Engineer in three continents and four countries.

Leaving his engineering career in 2002, Nick became a Lifestyle Planner - assessing lifestyle issues and how they interact with financial matters.

Nick says that engineering is very left brain oriented. After studying lifestyle issues, he feels like his left brain is communicating with this right brain. He sees that some aspects of engineering, such as risk management and decision making, are applicable to retirement planning.

Lucette and Nick believe that successful retirement takes planning. It need not be a sudden, daunting task. A ‘one step at a time’ approach is all that’s needed so that you don’t suddenly find yourself totally unprepared.

The important thing is to get started and begin to get an understanding of your own unique retirement situation.

Thinking in terms of financial planning and it’s close relationship with lifestyle planning is a great start.