Lifestyle goals - make them realistic

When choosing lifestyle goals, think of ones you really want to achieve and that you have a good chance of reaching.

It's a good idea to choose ones you can accomplish reasonably quickly, otherwise you may lose interest in them. Working on one goal at a time is probably best.

Here’s a personal example. I wanted to lose twenty pounds because I felt a bit overweight. I chose four of the things I like most:- bread, butter, beer and sugar.

The 3BS diet

I decided to cut back on them (not eliminate them altogether – after all, I still wanted an enjoyable lifestyle!)

I called it the 3BS diet. In six months I had achieved the weight loss I wanted.

Beer was probably the easiest to cut back on because it has a double jeopardy; not only does it have a lot of calories it also fills the stomach up quickly and if many are consumed, stretches it. I still have one now and then but I can't drink one after another like I used to.

Bread was more of a challenge but I got used to not having a roll with meals which I realised was one of the major components of bread consumption.

Butter was easier because reducing bread consumption reduced butter consumption. I also got into the habit of spreading it thinly.

Sugar is an interesting one. Fortunately my wife doesn't have a sweet tooth so she doesn't use it much in cooking. She checks labels religiously and will not buy processed foods that contain it. I got into that habit too and it's absolutely amazing how many items contain sugar - even many savoury concoctions are loaded with it.

All of this was my own idea of a new eating regime with my own plan and my own time-line. I did succeed because it was not a crash program and so it seemed easier to stick with. The reasoning I came up with helped because it felt logical;(e.g. beer tending to stretch the stomach).

I gradually got used to it and I didn’t feel a pressing desire to go off the regime. It makes me feel better and I don’t feel any hungrier than I used to do.

I believe because I adopted this regime over a reasonable length of time I gradually reduced my stomach size so that I now experience reduced hunger pangs.


No one food plan is right for everyone all the time. Each of us has a unique metabolic type and profile that is ours alone. I believe that if you listen to your body it will communicate to you what it needs to stay in balance.

Finding your own diet can become one of your long term goals. Once you’ve found your own plan that works for you, stick to it!

A similar approach can be applied to any lifestyle goal you wish to reach. Choosing fairly realistic goals helps to keep you from becoming frustrated and maybe abandoning them.

Using The Six Step Plan and The Wheel of Life can help to keep your goals focused and and under control. For a guide on how to use these tools click below:-

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