A new living space sounds exciting, but have you considered everything?

You’ve just retired or are about to. You’re anxious to move to a new living space by the coast or in a country setting.


Here are a few points to consider before you take the plunge.

Have you thought the move through thoroughly? For a couple, have you had frank discussions about relocating? Have you reached a full understanding of the consequences?

Often, when a move to a new living space is made too quickly there can be disappointment for one or both partners. Try to think five, ten or even fifteen years ahead and visualize what future circumstances might be like. Decisions to relocate are best made slowly and deliberately.

It can be useful to do nothing for a reasonable length of time, a year say, after retirement. If the original home is flexible enough, perhaps you can create a new attachment to the old abode. Maybe it can be restyled to suit the new lifestyle and with the changes in your schedules and living arrangements, renovations and adjustments could make the current home feel like a new space.

If you do re-locate, can you make friends easily and effectively in the new location? Good infrastructure close to the new living space is important too.


Look for well maintained roads, good water supply, effective waste removal, acceptable health delivery and reasonably good airport access.

Why not try renting close by to the desired location? If it doesn't seem right it'll be possible to move back to the original home. Meanwhile your home could be rented out and it might even go up in value.

Maybe you have reached the stage when staying in your original home no longer appeals to you. If you are downsizing to a smaller space, The Decision Making Matrix can help in making a well thought out choice when selecting between two or more buying options. Click here Decisions then go to 'Making Decisions' at the bottom of the page.