Passion is a key ingredient when choosing where to go and what to do

“Did he live with passion?” The Ancient Greeks would ask only this question at the funeral of a friend.

Though it was known how he died, what age he was and what he did in life, they were clearly more interested in how their friend dealt with life, not in the facts and statistics.

The Bucket List seems to be a trendy concept these days, no doubt inspired by a popular film of the same name.

A web search came up with many sites listing places to see before you die. There was even one with a thousand places! Another talked of a hundred places to remember before they disappear.

This is terrific reference material but does it really include the places everyone wants to see? After all, there is a budget and some time constraints to consider.

There are some amazing places to go and things to do but that does not necessarily mean these places or activities hold special meaning for you.

Why not create a list associated with the very important things in your life? Perhaps it could include your family ancestral homes or some location that fascinated you after reading about it as a child.

I always wanted to visit The Western Front where the First World War was fought in Northern France because my Father served there.

So, on a visit to Europe, we stayed in the region for several days. The Somme is beautiful countryside and the monuments, especially the Canadian monument at Vimy Ridge are indescribably powerful and beautiful in a disturbing way.

Try to choose things that hold real meaning for you if you want to create your own Bucket List.

Often these destinations are large, impressive legacies of powerful and famous people. Don't forget, though, that simply to leave your worldly affairs in good order is a very admirable legacy too.

It can be viewed as being deeply concerned about creating calm and certainty for the people you care most about, helping them to cope with the duties they have to carry out at one of the most difficult and confusing times in their lives.

So, make sure that both your Bucket List and Legacy are infused with Passion so that if the question is asked – “Did she live with passion?”- the answer will be “Yes!”