Retirement planning tools help in building a successful retirement

Retirement planning tools need not just be limited to retirement income calculators, useful as these can be. There are aspects of retirement planning that can utilize various other tools.


Some of these tools deal with financial matters other than the size of the paycheck. For example, The Decision Making Matrix (below) can help you make the best possible choice concerning an expensive purchase, such as a house. Also, The Fraud Awareness Tips and Information Sheets assist in developing an understanding of how fraudsters operate, thereby helping you to protect your wealth from unscrupulous individuals.

On the non-financial side; The Wheel of Life can assist in recognizing changes that can bring the whole of your lifestyle into balance and; The Six Step Planning Process helps in identifying and attaining personal goals without wasting time and energy on unrealistic expectations.

Retirement planning tools are not intended to deliver an immediate solution; instead they act as a guide to help you focus on the important matters surrounding retirement planning.

Using them can help you create a suitable framework that will assist you in planning an effective and well thought out retirement for yourself.

Here are some useful ones. They are mostly in quick PDF format so they can be easily printed out:-


The Decision Making Matrix takes the emotional factors out of making big decisions - usually concerning a major purchase. It creates a permanent record of what was known at the time and how the best decision was reached.


The Wheel of Life can help identify those aspects of your life which need attention to bring your whole lifestyle into balance. This, in turn, may reveal useful goals that you may not have thought of before.


The Six Step Plan helps you ensure that your goals are realistic and attainable. All too often we decide on a goal that takes too much time and becomes too difficult. This tool can help you avoid that. Click here for an example of goal setting


Personal and Financial Records is an eight page document that lists all important information about a person. It can be of great value for yourself or someone you may have to be responsible for in the future.


The Three Phases of Life  graphic helps to put our lives into perspective. It shows how long phase three of life can be, however we decide to spend it.


The Traditional Fraud Prevention Tips Sheets are a great way to raise your level of fraud awareness. Here are the links:- Door to Door Fraud, Telephone Fraud and Mail Fraud. For more on Fraud Awareness, including Mortgage Fraud click here


Old Age Security (OAS) Basics; a convenient introduction to one of the most important 'building blocks' for retirement; OAS is considered to be the foundation of Retirement Financial Planning 

Trowel Plane

The Check list for Executors covers most of the typical actions that need to be carried out by an executor of an estate.


Money Habitudes is a pack of cards that helps to address the issues surrounding how we save, spend, earn, invest go into debt and give away money. More on this tool can be found at this page Spending Habits 


Reading Suggestions  quick reviews of some of the best classic and well read books on finances, attitudes towards money, pensions, aging, balanced lifestyles, living spaces for elders and retirement planning in general.


Canadian Government Retirement Income Calculator  gives a good basic estimate and it's a good start. Up to date information on CPP contributions can be obtained by mailing the 'Application for Statement of Contributions Canada Pension Plan' form - click here for printable PDF.