Wellness is the new Healthy!

A few years back, 'The Alberta Ministry of Health' was renamed ‘Alberta Health and Wellness'. Clearly, this jurisdiction wanted to employ a word that would engage the imagination of the public.

An apple a day

The new word implies something more than physical fitness alone; it suggests a lifestyle committed to attaining personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Consider two people, Bob and Jane. Bob has no aches and pains and no medical problems but he dreads getting up each morning. He is retired but he didn’t do any planning for his newly found freedom and now he finds time is passing far too slowly.

Jane has a touch of arthritis and a manageable heart condition and lives a full and productive life. With an active group of friends and acquaintances Jane is involved in meaningful and satisfying activities.

It's obvious which one of these two people has the most success in achieving a rewarding and successful lifestyle.

Modern medical health care delivery combined with a good diet, exercise and plenty of mental activities can help make the aging process less formidable for you.

Stretching for Wellness

The exercise and activities become an integral part of a good retirement plan and keep your body and mind in great condition.

The goal is the successful management of physical and mental conditions, at any stage in life, in order to achieve an overall sense of feeling great.

Small lifestyle improvements can be made over extended periods of time.

For example, a walking program can begin with very short walks. They can be gradually increased to a point that fits your schedule but let you feel the benefits of the exercise.

Focusing on wellness is much like investing in an RRSP. If you contribute a little each month, it can pay big dividends in the future.