Working in retirement - people do it for various reasons

A recent survey on working in retirement shows that nearly half of Canadians expect to work past the age of 65.

Some of the reasons given are - wanting to remain mentally active, career enjoyment and needing the money. The majority singled out lifestyle reasons as opposed to financial reasons.


91% said staying mentally active, 86% said career enjoyment, 80% said financial reasons, 79% said they want to earn enough money to live well, 77% said they don’t believe government pensions will be enough to live on and 68% said they want to earn enough money to pay basic living expenses.

These results show a major shift in how Canadians view working in retirement. Several factors seem to have contributed to this relatively new cultural phenomenon. Undoubtedly the primary reason behind these results is that people are living healthier and longer lives.

The idea of packing it all in at 65 years of age and disappearing into the sunset has become a completely outdated concept.


Along with increased health and longevity comes the need to remain engaged in the world of every-day living.

Continuing with something similar to what they've always done seems to be a natural choice for a lot of people. Government, noting this trend, sought to remove the mandatory retirement age.

One side effect of living a longer and healthier life is that it’s going to require more money. As a result, people will consider extending their earning years to cover these added costs.

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